Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank Welcome Poster Children’s Competition Resources

We hope that you have enjoyed watching our Welcome videos; providing background information on our WELCOME POSTER COMPETITION.

Additional pictures showing inside a foodbank centre - see below we hope these inspire you to show what welcomes our guests.


Use pictures from video to sequence for talking or writing about. The word searches can be used as additional learning activities and as word banks.
KS2/KS3 information sheet that can be used for comprehension or factfinding - see link below. Example questions in Word format so can be adapted to pupil's needs available on request, email: [email protected]
Upper KS3/ KS4 Pupils could' watch 'Acceptable' video link on the Trussell Trust or YouTube, to research the Welfare Reform Act online, and Trussell Trust Hariot-Watt recent findings - be aware these findings are rather stark, and then debate this topic.
Material for Sunday School or RE lesson based on John 6, the little boy who shared his lunch, is available on request, please email: [email protected]
stating the age range, time slot that this is needed for. Thank you.

Word searches increase in complexity from A to E

word search A Word Search B Word Search C Word search D Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank Word Search E

Answer sheets for C to E available on request by email: [email protected],uk

Fact sheet – SoT Foodbank Feb 2021

KS3/ KS4: