Local Businesses Go the Extra Mile!

10th July 2022

As Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank commemorates ten years since it starting supporting people with emergency food locally, it is keen to pay tribute to those that have enabled them to help so many people in real need.

“The last ten years has shown how amazingly selfless people can be; the support that we have received from people locally from all walks of life, has enabled us to supply over 115,000 three-day emergency food parcels; unswerving generosity, even through very testing times.” Corrine Boden MBE, Operations Manager.

During the first few months of this new financial year, Stoke-on-Trent Foodank has been catching up with some of their Business Friends that made the commitment to support them as 21 For 2021 Businesses. During the period when the Covid-19 pandemic was still prevalent and into the transition period since, a number of local companies pledged financial support to ensure that these vital services continued to be available. The funds were used to support the running of their sixteen church-based, volunteer crewed food distribution centres; with food transportation and storage, and administration, including the referrals’ team.

This year is proving tough.  The encouraging news is that these organisations are committed to continue in their support, and have already been helping the foodbank with some of the needs arising from record high demand levels. After ten years, they are understandably extremely grateful for those who are helping ‘go the extra mile.

Damian Carter, General Manager Speedy Freight Stoke, Crewe, Telford and Shrewsbury, explains their involvement, “The pandemic laid bare how quickly things could change for anyone, with crippling personal and financial consequences. Here, at Speedy Freight in Stoke, we were able to keep operating, meeting the challenges of changing business patterns and got in touch with Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank to see how we could support people locally who were struggling.  We are pleased that what we were able to have helped them make a difference for so many. And, this year with everyone feeling the pressure of the rising cost of living, we are committed to continue with our funding commitment for as long as we are able.”

   Damian Carter, General Manager Speedy Freight Stoke, Crewe, Telford & Shrewsbury receives a certificate and thanks, in recognition of his business support from Caroline Wolfe, Stoke on Trent Foodbank Business & Community Development Co-ordinator

“Businesses are interested to hear about our years’ of experience, working with a network of other charities and organisations, ensuring the people in real need of emergency food are referred to us and signposting guests to organisations that can help with money advice, and other issues, to help tackle the crisis that brought them in, helping us as a Trussell Trust Pathfinder Foodbank, build towards a future without the need for foodbanks. Also, how every donation large or small is put to good use.” Caroline Wolfe, Community and Business Development Co-ordinator.

Neida: Corrine Boden MBE, SoT Foodbank; Lauren Brown Marketing Executive, Neida; Caroline Wolfe, SoT Foodbank
Altecnic: Altecnic built in a food collection in support of Stoke on Trent  Foodbank as part of their heating and plumbing major merchant Grand Tour.
D&G Bus: Caroline Wolfe, SoT Foodbank thanks Kevin Crawford, Operations Director, D&G Bus

If interested in learning more about opportunities to support Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank please contact [email protected] or call 07946 243861, or visit:






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