Harvest 2021 Resources

6th September 2021

We have been busy preparing Harvest 2021 resources for schools, churches and communities. This year we have available a small team of speakers for Harvest Assemblies and gatherings. Do contact [email protected] for a booking form or any questions.

Inspired by the enthusiastic take up of our video last year, we are preparing one for Primary or general church use that follows the journey of a can through our foodbank, showing how it is used as a part of what we do to make a difference to those experiencing food crisis. Also, for Secondary School, older children and other groups, a more challenging video from the Trussell Trust titled ‘Acceptable?’ featuring a poem written by someone who has used a foodbank is incorporated in a video, to which we’ve added additional local information. For video YouTube links see below.

Despite the practical difficulties of running food collections during the Covid-19 pandemic, Harvest 2020, we were greatly blessed by the selfless giving of food we received from churches, community groups and schools, all wanting to help others at such a challenging time. An amazing number of schools, churches and community groups and went the extra mile to do this.

Our centres, manned by friendly, non-judgemental volunteers with gifted food are seen by many as faith in action. Reflecting Jesus’ command in 1 Corinthians: ‘Let all that you do, be done in love.’

SoT Foodbank Harvest 2021 for Primary Schools and general church and communities Video

SoT Foodbank Harvest 2021 Video for Secondary School and more challenging general church and communities Video

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