Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank April News and May Challenge

29th April 2021

NEWS: In the financial year 2020/2021 we fed 17,000 local people, thanks to the amazing support of our donors and volunteers.

THE CHALLENGE: This year, 2021 our vital work continues with the social and economic effects of Covid-19 not disappearing quickly.

Walk with us to continue to #FeedTheHungry

Make a difference to your life and support others

Take the 10,000 steps a day challenge

Perhaps you are already walking for 40 minutes a day as your daily exercise, how about upping the pace and extending this to two 40 minutes walk or, 80 minutes to reach your 10,000 steps goal? Aim at 17 days in May – what works for you? All together or with two rest days a week…

OR Build towards 10,000 steps               

See our website for a GUIDE as to how to build to 10,000 steps or set your own fitness routine and goals, that will challenge YOU! 


Do it your way 

We are serious about fundraising BUT we want you to have some fun…

Whether it’s …      a school relay walk,

a fun park toddle-along,

a work colleague team fitness challenge,

a danceathon… take your pick.

Sign up now, raise money and make the difference

More details at

How to: WALK WITH US 10,000 steps Challenge, 2021

Walk with us to continue to #FeedTheHungry and work towards a #HungerFreeFuture

For other ways to support us please visit:

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