Reverse (November?) Advent 2020

28th October 2020

SoT Reverse Advent Calendar 2020

However BIG or small your celebrations this year,

LET’S MAKE CHRISTMAS 2020 BIG in HEART ♥ – enjoy giving by giving the gift of  food in a fun way using the Stoke-on-Trent Reverse Advent Calendar 2020!

The idea is that for 24 days, for each day you collect food items that will be given to people, families and children to enable them to have hot meals this festive season. The hearts are for you, or the kids, to colour in or tick off the items as you get them (so you can even do them in your own order).

IT SAYS NOVEMBER ON PURPOSE! Please start this in November, if you are as excited about Christmas as some of us are, even do it November 1st to 24th and get your items to us for the end of November, so that we can be better prepared.

Your kindness in giving will enable us to provide the essentials for people in food poverty but also a few Christmas Treats to share some Christmas Cheer!


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