Child Poverty Figures in Stoke-on-Trent

8th March 2012



ONS code Local Authority and wards Percentage of children in poverty
E06000021 Stoke-on-Trent 29%
E05001915 Abbey Green 32%
E05001916 Bentilee and Townsend 44%
E05001917 Berryhill and Hanley East 27%
E05001918 Blurton 31%
E05001919 Burslem North 36%
E05001920 Burslem South 37%
E05001921 Chell and Packmoor 32%
E05001922 East Valley 21%
E05001923 Fenton 30%
E05001924 Hanley West and Shelton 33%
E05001925 Hartshill and Penkhull 17%
E05001926 Longton North 19%
E05001927 Longton South 26%
E05001928 Meir Park and Sandon 25%
E05001929 Northwood and Birches Head 21%
E05001930 Norton and Bradeley 30%
E05001931 Stoke and Trent Vale 29%
E05001932 Trentham and Hanford 7%
E05001933 Tunstall 32%
E05001934 Weston and Meir North 31%


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